Ihre Consulting helps companies  (operators, media companies, technical providers etc) and affiliates find mutually beneficial partnerships which will add growth and better margins to their business. Our priority is to identify possibilities for connecting various companies and work towards these connections which will offer new opportunities and solutions to existing problems.

We have a wide experience in various territories and are able to advise and suggest just how to penetrate these markets. Should you require it, we also have additional contacts for staff / marketing managers in these locations.

  • Building mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Global contact network
  • Working across various territories
  • Highly experienced team

We also have very dedicated and experienced contacts in the following areas and are happy to provide introductions where applicable: Fraud and Payments, Online & Offline Design, Translation, Recruitment & Brand Management.


I have had the pleasure to work with Edward/Ihre Consulting for years now. They perfectly understand both sides of the business and they are fast & reliable like no others in this industry! As an affiliate I can only give Ihre Consulting my best recommendations if you are looking for a huge network of operators!