the best possible deal for affiliates. no fee

Ihre Consulting assist affiliates with new deals and new operators across all products: casino, sportsbooks, poker, bingo and lottery and in all geographical territories.

We ensure the best possible deal in terms of percentage and/or money but also ensure that you as an affiliate receive the necessary tools from the operators to efficiently promote the brands you work with.

  • Deal making
  • Business and brand review
  • Introductions
  • Support
  • Reports
  • Marketing tools
  • Promotions

If you are an affiliate, we don’t charge a penny for our services; instead, we charge the operator. In addition, we do not operate any form of an affiliate network as our approach is to broker the best possible deal for each individual affiliate. Once agreed by the affiliate and the operator, we personally introduce you to your affiliate manager to sign up an official and direct affiliate account with the operator. Your account will be created to the pre-agreed deal and you’ll be provided with everything you need to get started.

Quote from Bettingexpert: “Throughout the last 7 years our revenues has more than 10x. Mainwhile we have also grown in headcount with the same multiple. Working with Ihre has always been a very flexible way to support our business. We started out being teamed up (via Ihre) with Mybet for activities on in the very early days, where our Business Development team weren’t able to deal with the number of partners we are now. The tasks supported during those days was: 

  • Setting up new deals at established operators
  • Setting up new deals at new & upcoming operators
  • Securing the best possible deals available in the market for our traffic sources
  • Advising where brands were not suitable / those with poor reputations
  • Introducing us to our key Account Managers at each operator
  • Advising of any changes to our deals or any promotions we could take advantage of

BETTINGEXPERT now operate a very successful COMPANY

We are very proud to have known the owners and team at Bettingexpert right from their first website launch. Working with them at Ihre Consulting since 2010 has been a pleasure, and we are of course glad to see that they have grown to such levels which enable them to manage more of their deal negotiation in house. We are on hand to recommend new and emerging partners as we see fit, to compliment the work they are doing in-house.


Working together with the team at Ihre Consulting is a must do, when it comes to getting the best of it. The friendly and professional team helps out extremely well and we recommend everyone that works in the casino online business to work with joyful team at Ihre Consulting



Ihre Consulting is a great partner and we promote several brands from them. Our affiliate manager Rebecka always gives us the support and material needed in order to reach really good value for both partners.