“Honest Advice”

“We’ve been working closely with Rebecka and the team at Ihre Consulting to help best improve player engagement and click-through behaviour for their top brand. The direction has been fantastic with more clicks becoming conversions thanks to both honest and powerful marketing advice.”

Chief Editor, Slotsquad 31st March 2017

“Highly Recommended!”

“Ihre Consulting are simply great! We’ve been working closely with Rebecka, who’s helped us get the best deals, materials and support from the casinos we are promoting. Rebecka has also helped us with brands when she didn’t earn any profit out of it. Ihre Consulting are the perfect example of a company that actually cares about their partners. Highly recommended!”

Webmaster, 31st March 2017

“High quality of staff”

“In terms of professionalism, Ihre Consulting can’t be beat. We’ve been around for a long time in the industry, and the quality of the staff and their willingness to help is unmatched. We look forward to continuing our partnership.”

Webmaster, 31st March 2017

“Couldn’t be more Satisfied”

“Ihre Consulting has proven to be of great use to us in the short time we`ve been partners. Simon has been helping us with the essentials to get started in the online casino business and we couldn`t be more satisfied. We hope to continue our partnership for many years to come.”

Jens Ribacka, nä https://nä 31st March 2017

“Great Team to Work With”

“We have a great relationship with Or and the whole Ihre Consulting Team. They are always on top of their game. Overall, a great team to work with.”

Webmaster, 31st March 2017

“Dedicated and Professional Team”

“Our team at can’t recommend Ihre Consulting highly enough. Such a dedicated and professional team who is always willing to go the extra mile to get you the best deals possible.”

Webmaster, 31st March 2017

“Customised Deals”

“I’ve been working with Simon from Ihre Consulting for several months. Over this time, he’s presented me with several customised hybrid deals, and as a result, my sales and revenue have grown. Simon also provides valuable insight into emerging markets and new casino brands.”

Samuel, 31st March 2017

“Recommended to any Affiliate”

“The team at Ihre Consulting are easy to deal with and they answer questions around the clock. We at would like to recommend Ihre Consulting to any affiliate who are tired of bad deals and slow responses from affiliate managers. Ihre Consulting makes things happen, and that we really appreciate!”

Webmaster, 31st March 2017

“Excellent Customer Service”

“Ihre Consulting provides excellent customer service and instant replies when you’re in need of any help. Simon is a pro at what he does and we couldn`t be happier with the deals that he has delivered. We look forward to working with Ihre Consulting for a long time and to keep making money together.”

Jesper Ribacka, 31st March 2017

“Wide Network of Contacts”

“Ihre Consulting has a wide network of contacts that we would never have reached if it wasn’t for working with them. Through Ihre Consulting we have managed to get deals we would not have been able to negotiate ourselves. We would recommend any affiliate in the casino industry to team up with Ihre to make the most out of their business”

Anders, 31st March 2017

“Negotiate better deals”

“We have been doing a couple of nice deals through Ihre Consulting and we are happy to work with them also in the future. They have the power to negotiate bigger and better deals than we are able to ourselves.”

Webmaster, 31st March 2017

“Trusted Partner”

“Ihre Consulting and it´s co-workers have a very long experience in the gaming industry. At we see them as a trusted partner and we feel that their feedback and input is always of importance in our work.”

Webmaster, 31st March 2017

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