“Extraordinary Partnership”

“We’ve been working with Ihre Consulting for a long time and our partnership has been extraordinary. They have a great selection of casinos and we always get what we’re looking for in terms of best deals, bonuses and promotions with online casinos.”

Webmaster, 31st March 2017

“Saves us a lot of time”

“Ihre Consulting connects you to the right affiliate program and fixes the deals you want. It saves us a lot of time that we can invest in our sites instead of chasing deals. They just take away the boring thing with being an affiliate. We would not like to recommend Ihre Consulting to our enemies but to our friends, it is no doubt.”

Webmaster, 31st March 2017

“Makes our lives easier”

“Ihre Consulting is making our life as affiliates much easier. They always fix the deals we want within a couple of days. We would recommend Ihre Consulting to any affiliate in the industry.”

Webmaster, 31st March 2017

“Exceeding Expectations”

“Ihre Consulting is a professional team always exceeding expectations. Thanks to them we are able to grow our business and our conversion.”

Webmaster, 31st March 2017

“First Class Service and Support”

“Ihre Consulting is one of the leading companies in the industry and they are a great partner to work together with. We truly enjoy collaborating with Simon and Christofer, who are always providing first class service and support. We hope that this relationship can continue to grow in the future.”

Webmaster, 31st March 2017

“Negotiate the Best Deals”

“Free Spins Info have been doing a lot of good deals via Ihre Consulting and we are happy to partner with them. From our experience, they are capable to negotiate far better deals with big casinos, sportsbook, bingos, etc. than we are able to do so by ourselves. No doubts, you can blindly trust them!”

Webmaster, 31st March 2017

“Thanks Ihre!”

“Ihre Consulting has for many years helped us both to find new partners in top class as well as to help us get started with the best deals you can get, which was worth gold and really meant a lot to our success in nä Thanks Ihre!”

Webmaster, Nä http://www.nä 31st March 2017

“Very easy to work with”

“Ihre Consulting are real professionals and very easy to work with. Both Christofer and Simon are super good guys to work with and they have a lot of good connections.”

Webmaster, 31st March 2017

“Very Valuable”

“Ihre Consulting is one of our selected partners in Sweden. We like the fact that they focus strongly on customer conversion, player value and retention. With its great product, and a good knowledge of the Swedish market, we have seen that we can make good money with them. Ihre Consulting casinos have proven to be very valuable for us.”

Webmaster, 31st March 2017

“Outstanding Experience”

“I highly recommend the Ihre Consulting program to everyone. My experience with them is outstanding and I am quite sure it will become even better as nothing less can be expected from this powerful brand. Their brand Ihre Consulting is top and we have only good things to say about the people working there, Recommended.”

Webmaster, 31st March 2017

“Great Service”

“Ihre Consulting offers both great service, high player value and great player campaigns. can therefore recommend other affiliates to join and start promoting their premium brands.”

Webmaster, 31st March 2017


“Ihre Consulting was one of the first companies worked with and they sure gave us a good introduction to the business. We recommend Ihre Consulting to anyone looking to partner up with professionals.”

Webmaster, 31st March 2017