Peter FredenHi Peter, we are pleased to have you join our team. Please let our partners know a little about yourself by answering these questions:

1.       Tell us about you: Where you live, are you married, do you have any pets, what do you like to do in your spare time etc?

My Name is Peter and I live I Västerås (Vasteras). I am single atm and in a kind of no stress situation about that. I don´t have any pets but always had cats around me when I grew up. I like pets in general and i want a dog when i get more time on my hands.

I have always played football in my spare time, but playing in Swedish Division 2 takes a lot of time and doesn’t return much in salary. So I decided to put more time into my working career and quit football  at the end of last season. At the weekends I watch Liverpool FC on TV, sometimes party or just hang with friends.


2.       You used to play poker in the past. Do you still play now? What were your experiences like? Did you play just offline or online too?

Yes I did, still do. But in very small doses.I don´t have the energy to grind on the internet anymore like I once did. I started playing when most were really bad, when there were no strategy programs and odds calculators barely existed. When they came along and people started to use them, I think a lot in the online game died. I couldn’t find the edge I once had and realized I wouldn’t become a millionaire so started studying Sales & Marketing.  Nowadays I play in casinos and join home games once in a while.


3.       Have you heard anything about the igaming industry which makes it exciting for you to join? e.g. Social side, conferences, diversity of products available, working across the globe etc

I have always had an interest in gaming. Simon and I are long friends, and he introduced me to Ihre and his job and thought it sounded really nice to go to different places in the world on conferences etc. Meeting people who like gaming just as I do.


4.       What skills do you have which are going to make you a great CRM Affiliate Manager?

My skills for becoming a great CRM Affiliate Manager is that I am good at listening to what enquiries/issues the partner has, and I think I am kind of creative in finding new ways to see how some deals might suit a partner better or things like that. I always want to make a partner feel  that I have done my best to get a deal profitable for both parties.


5.       Do you have any time management tips to help you prioritize your day which you could recommend? Do you have to do lists, use a calendar etc?

I definitely could be better in organizing. But I am using my iphone calendar and put reminders there. I also name folders in my email to make it easier to find partners or old emails. That’s as far as my organising goes so far.


6.       You live/work in Stockholm. If someone was visiting the city, where would you recommend them to visit?

The office is here, but right now I am not living in Stockholm.  As I get an apartment here I will move from Vasteras.  But something I would recommend to visit in Stockholm is Gamla Stan which is the old part of the city and I really like that part of town and the view of the water and old buildings.


7.       And finally tell us a story about yourself. Anything funny ever happened to you / by you? Are you a joker? Do you have any unique skills / hobbies?

Haha I am always in awkward situations because I tend to say things that might not always be appropriate. I always forget important details so if I am trying to retell a funny story it always has something missing and people question me wondering what was supposed to be funny about that? So I better not even go there 😉 Since I quit football just recently I am looking for new hobbies, feel free to help me on that subject J