We caught up with Lee-Ann Johnstone, an industry expert on affiliate marketing from Affiliate Insider, to get a better understanding about what the inaugural Affiliate Insider Bootcamp will offer those in attendance. This exclusive affiliate business mentoring event will be running alongside the Betting on Football Conference – 21 March at Stamford Bridge home of Chelsea F.C


Q: Lee-Ann you’ve been involved in digital for almost two decades. You recently launched Affiliate Insider as a joint venture with SBC Global. Can you tell us a bit about the partnership and what Affiliate Insider will look to deliver in 2018.

I have always loved the complexity that digital marketing presents. I am a true people person so affiliate marketing was a natural attraction as it required in depth relationship building coupled with commercial negotiation both of which I enjoy. A lot has changed over this time and the role of affiliate manager has become increasingly complex. Similarly affiliates are faced with increased competition in the market place and a need to remain in tune with the latest digital trends to improve their traffic growth and commercialise their businesses better.

Whilst we have a lot more data and analytics at our disposal I realised that was very little support available to help affiliate businesses keep ahead of digital trends and skills development which is required to run and grow an affiliate operation. There is a need to offer direct access to digital experts in all mediums and bring a depth of content straight to those operating in iGaming to provide quality business support and encourage better relationships for revenue growth.

Partnering with SBC Global , a leading events company – meant we could scale up and deliver interesting bespoke learning streams at events that have an established platform of delivery.  It also provides participants with access to a quality networking and wider community for networking alongside their core learning.

Q: Why should affiliates consider coming to this particular event.  What makes it so different from other events on the industry circuit

The difference between Affiliate Insider and other events – is simply the depth of content we curate and offer to delegates who invest their time to attend. Affiliates that are serious about growing their business and want to get access to expert guides and the latest digital insights are welcome. We want affiliates to take time out from working IN their businesses to work ON them.

We offer a depth of knowledge, through tangible learning and coaching that aims to support all facets of an affiliates’ business growth. We invite operators who are serious about developing lasting affiliate relationships and our speakers have a vested interest in promoting best practices within the digital market place.

Q: Can you share some of the content that this event will be sharing ahead of the event so that affiliates can get a feel for the depth of content they can expect to receive?

This year’s line up will focus heavily on the ever changing digital channel. A hot topic has been around the value of SEO and Link Building within the affiliate space, is SEO dead – or is Content the best way to rank, and if so – how do you go about building a strategy to support these new trends? Our experts will provide tangible insight about what’s happening in the digital world across various mediums and help you navigate the strategies that can help you get ahead of the wider competition.

Q: Where do you think the affiliate channel is headed in 2018 and how will operators and affiliates collaborate to avoid non compliance.

There is a need to collaborate in a more transparent way.  The recent spate of M&A and the rise of super affiliate companies buying out smaller sites means there is a lot of change taking place. An investment in education and training is a main focus point for us. Helping smaller affiliates to grow and finding out how to niche and build sustainable opportunities is key for those who want to focus on longer term strategies to grow their businesses. Regulation and Advertising codes are making affiliates more compliant which is great for operators as it helps them to utilise this channel more effectively in their overall acquisition strategy.

If you want to attend the Affiliate Insider Bootcamp this year and get more insight on digital trends and strategies that can help your affiliate business grow – REGISTER for your free seat today.

Tickets are limited and we’re pretty sure you wont want to miss out on these expert lead content streams or the exclusive networking opportunities that are designed to help your affiliate business grow.


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